What is art?

Well then, here we go. I’ve never been able to draw any thing and consequently have very little interest in art. However, I do admire people who can draw and always have. The funny thing is that I have also seen great masterpieces which I think my 5 month old baby might have have done a better job with? How could this be? I guess it boils down to taste?

So then what exactly is art? Lately, I have been taken some photographs and enjoyed doing this. But does this make me an artist?


4 Responses to What is art?

  1. charlino says:

    Difficult question. It reminds me of Who came first? The Art? or The Artist?

    Art is a passion that from those who collect, create, or simply admire art. Art, in and of itself, is not easy to explain. One does not have to be an artist to appreciate art.

    Art is not limited to those who draw, paint, or photograph. Art can be found in great literature, architecture, engineering, farming, and even house cleaning, among other things. Art is driven passion that coordinates the mind’s eye with hand and heart.

  2. Kim Hannah says:

    the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.
    artists plural
    A person who produces paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby
    A person who practices any of the various creative arts, such as a sculptor, novelist, poet, or filmmaker
    A person skilled at a particular task or occupation
    a surgeon who is an artist with the scalpel
    A performer, such as a singer, actor, or dancer
    A habitual practitioner of a specified reprehensible activity
    a con artist
    rip-off artists

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