Mijas, Spain, heading for the hills.

Mijas, Spain, heading for the hills. Early morning and we go to the Airport in Malaga to collect my youngest daughter and then we are heading for the hills in beautiful Spain. Ostensibly, it is a shopping spree for the girls who love that type of thing. Personally I hate it and Steve is not far behind. Now I have been told that when in Spain try going to and visit some of the villages. Little did I know that Spain is so well built up, so was expecting some dump until I got there myself and found out differently.We arrive there and find an underground car park, walk back straight through the gates and turn right on the pavement, then right again at the top.There are a whole lot of donkeys there attached to posts and dressed in some type of ceremonial gear. By gum the pong of the poofies was overpowering and I am an ex farmer who was almost overpowered. No poofies were seen on the ground though so someone had to have been very busy. I slip into overdrive and chant, keeeeeeeeeeeeeeerist let’s get out of here. We then come across a statue and Steve sets the tone for the day with this immortal Striker Strydom pose.

Mijas 6

If one looks in the background one can see the rest of the tribe. Shortly after this Siobhan gets snapped but very ladylike in comparison.


If one looks at the background here one can see the type of scenery which is very hilly and quite delightful and before I move on a snap of what the village looks like.



And here is another quite delightful snap and many people took rides on these. Thankfully where they waited smelled much better than the place of donkeys. Albeit the horses were doing poofies left right and centre but someone was coming along with a hosepipe and clearing it up. It’s wonderful to take pride in your town and where you live, unlike so many countries which can’t be bothered?

Mijas 4


I did say that ostensibly this was a shopping trip for the girls who are already busy ferreting around in this shop.

Mijas 2


Suddenly Steve’s wife shrieks for him to go in and he comes out .According to Steve one has to haggle about the price and he is dead chuffed with himself having brought the owner right down in price.The long and short of this is that he has bought a leather jacket and it gets funnier from here on, as every place we go to and all the waiters keep on saying to him, ‘nice jacket’. And when they stop I chime in about every 5 seconds with ‘nice jacket’, until he turns around to me and says,’f**k off’. TSUH.

A pot-pourri of photos in Mijas.

So it’s off to lunch we go and you can see where we went up above. Everyone ordered Spanish graze and I had Prawns wrapped in bacon which I must say have never had them this way before. We also had a lot of laughs and when finished walked around once more taking in the wonderful sites and scenery and then it was time to g back home. Tomorrow see’s us visiting Gibraltar, magic man, pure magic.

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I'm a 61 year old happily married man with three grown up children. I lost all my hearing as an eighteen year old whilst doing National Service and then had a Cochlear Ear Implant twenty years later. I love trying to explain these things to people and bits about my life. I never thought so at the time, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Thus one gets Random ramblings from a man who has seen a lot with a touch of humour underlying all.
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6 Responses to Mijas, Spain, heading for the hills.

  1. tessbold says:

    Well Spook……you really could do articles for travel agents ….. and people would book…just make sure you get a percentage…..great article.

    • spookmoor says:

      Thank you Tess and I knew you would deliver. You see, I live for the comments and have yet to make a cent from anything I have ever done. Is it any wonder then I like a comment?

  2. Stevo says:

    Another great day enjoyed by all.

  3. Great way to preserve your travel memories!

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