J.F.K. the beginning of the end.

“For the problems are not all solved and the battles are not all won – and we stand today at the edge of a New Frontier. … But the New Frontier of which I speak is not a set of promises—it is a set of challenges. It sums up not what I intend to offer the American people, but what I intend to ask of them.”

JFK. The Camelot of our times.

JFK. The Camelot of our times.

J.F.K. the beginning of the end.

So let us just proceed from there. It is a sultry evening in the capitol city Salisbury in the then Rhodesia. I’m eight years old and there from the farm with my mother and it is the evening rush hour traffic. But, something is wrong, and even as an eight year old boy I know this. Car horns hooting, people sticking their heads out of their car windows and shouting. Black paper boys scurrying everywhere. But the paper doesn’t come out in the evening, only in the morning? Thoroughly perplexed I ask my Mother, ” mum what is going on?” To which she replies, “President Kennedy has just been assassinated.” Oh no, oh no. It was one of those times when ‘time stood still and the river ran dry’.

Now my Mother is Irish and she is also a Catholic, so of course she had an affinity with J.F.K. More importantly it was an idyllic time in our country, bar this sad, sad, news. Old Luke the Gook hadn’t yet reared his ugly head in our country although it was elsewhere in Africa and in America too. Black people were rising up against long held iniquities whether real or imagined, Martin Luther King springs to mind and all the ‘appeasers’ were busy at work. ‘The winds of change can be felt blowing across the Continent (Africa)’. McMillan.

America Leading light and Camelot of the World.

Whether one wants to believe this or not, but, in those far oft times there was an affinity between Rhodesian people and Americans. How could this be? We were a British colony about to fight for our own Independence, maybe? The other thing to remember is we were well educated. How else could an eight year old boy be aware of who American Presidents were? More importantly, what they stood for?

JFK addressing Civil Rights issues.

JFK addressing Civil Rights issues.

Let it be known from the beginning but as a small boy and young teenager I loved J.F.K. But times change and people grow up and experiences differ and our once beautiful country was now at war and my perceptions changed. How sad? So a slow process of questioning began and for me this entailed what I had grown up to believe J.F.K. stood for. I was soon to learn how wrong I was.

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. J.F.K.

Official portrait of J.F.K.

Official portrait of J.F.K.

Well he sure had the looks and the charisma so is it any wonder the women loved him in droves? Which is one of the sore points with me, but, more on that later.

Even after all this time and all that has happened in-between, I still find myself drawn to J.F.K. but I questioned him along the following  lines. As I learnt more I was left wondering why the champion of the free World and all that it stood for said one thing in America and the other thing in Africa? So State-sides he was a big opponent of Communism (any one remember the Cuban crisis?) yet, in Africa he backed (sold out) country after country to Communist leaders despite there being many black leaders against this. How could this be?I was disgusted and appalled on learning this. Either you believe in something or you don’t but I came to the conclusion he was just pandering to anything black. Which also led me to believing maybe he was a closet communist after all? Then again there was all his philandering and I have had plenty of American friends both men and women all my life. It matters not which of them I ask about this but, the reply is always the same in a heavy American accent. ” Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat”? Which also led me to believe that Americans love nothing better than if their Presidents are well known ‘swordsmen’ so to speak. Sooooooooooooooooooo whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? It goes back in time to another one of their best loved Presidents, dear old Abe Lincoln. The reality is, dear old Abe had syphilis, which is why his children died so young. They talk about a Kennedy curse, well dear old Daaaaaaaaaaaaaddy Kennedy also had syphilis, and in those days there was no cure. Go check your facts.

Now I’m not against a bit of hanky panky myself but I got married as a Catholic and I swore an oath to God with a whole church full of witnesses. To love and to honour, till death do us part. So did you J.F.K. and that is what I don’t like about your philandering. Then again, I never had some of the most beautiful women in the world such as Marilyn Monroe making a play for me.


J.F.K. being sworn in as President.

J.F.K. being sworn in as President.

It is my “considered opinion” that J.F.K. was the last truly and freely elected President by we the people and every one after became worse? Something sinister was at work which eludes me. Having said that, occasionally one came up that I liked, Ronald Reagan springs to mind and a couple of others in-between, mostly Republicans, and then one got, Carter Peanuts. ” To look at a women with lust is already to have committed adultery.” Oh please man, bang goes the whole of mankind. How any one in their right mind ever voted for him remains a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Oddly enough, by no means was he the end of it. Eventually they, the people, decided to go for another swordsman, non other than dear old Bill Clinton and him of the ceeeeeeeeegar fame. Soooooooooooo whaaaaaaaaaaaat? The other funny thing is that for all their liberalism, Americans have yet to vote a woman into a position of high power. Even Indians and Pakistani’s who have very strict views on women and their behavior have done this. How strange. I’ve left the best (worst) till last. Even Harry Flashman said years ago, ” if I had learnt to whittle I would have made President in that country.” And so we came to the current incumbent, black no less, and I distinctly remember when he was first elected, people in floods of tears with the ecstasy of it. Once wasn’t enough and they voted him in again. Reality is a very hard thing to stomach. The reality is, America is well and truly ‘bust’ owing trillions in debt and I can see no way of them getting out of this? You have been well and truly out manipulated, by a very clever people with patience on their side. Clissakes, fussakes man who could have envisaged it would have been so easy? Nuking them is not the solution, it is the end of all of us. Brother you asked for it.

J.F.K. must be turning in his grave.

About spookmoor

I'm a 61 year old happily married man with three grown up children. I lost all my hearing as an eighteen year old whilst doing National Service and then had a Cochlear Ear Implant twenty years later. I love trying to explain these things to people and bits about my life. I never thought so at the time, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Thus one gets Random ramblings from a man who has seen a lot with a touch of humour underlying all.
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40 Responses to J.F.K. the beginning of the end.

  1. Some truly prime content on this website , saved to my bookmarks .

  2. Major thanks for the article.Really thank you! Will read on

  3. George Azevedo says:

    Remarkable article but still need to knowWHO shot him and WHY?
    I didon’t know about the syphilis part though….naughty bugger!

  4. Tess Bold says:

    Hi Spook…well as usual a good read. Interesting how it sparked off so many views….I shall keep mine to myself as it doesn’t matter what one thinks in the minds of others…..as long its what I am comfortable with, within myself, believing….thanks you.

  5. frankiekay says:

    There a real easy way out the American mess…another war – it bring the till back to zero….

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  7. Gomer Pyle says:

    Very interesting article and well written and must say that I have had my fair share of disappointments growing up.. Hero turned villain as the truth bubbles to the surface and we realise that one mans morals do not measure up to the morality taught, this reality and therefore expectations are destroyed together with the hero worship status. We shrug and accept that no man is perfect and even with these imperfections like to imagine they were still “Good Men” and speak of them thus BUT when fiction supersedes facts and deification is proposed and practiced there is something very inherently wrong with this practice. What is wrong with telling the truth – just telling it like it is – what are we teaching our children? i am horrified at the next level of hypocrisy we are breeding.
    Maybe this doesn’t matter – who cares.anyway ?
    We see this happening in Africa all the time, with the biggest scum bag, murdering, lying, thieving varmits on the face of the planet, being deified, left right and centre as the savior of mankind (well at least of Africa)….. We have a classic example right now in the form of late President Nelson Mandela….. every one screaming deify the man, deify the man ……truth and facts be damned, to speak of facts is a nigh near treasonable offense – facts quoted are labeled subjective, when in fact they are objective. But the ones doing the labeling are more often than not being influenced by internal (sometimes external) misguided and misinformed emotions, and sometimes just plain ignorant stupidity, amongst other things…..
    Don’t speak ill (truth) of the dead … everyone within hearing distance, stops and has a “HISSY FIT” …why not just call it as it is ?….. These were bad dudes who made good, fooled a lot of people in the process and made millions off the tax payer and donor for their efforts…. and who cares whether they had galloping Hong Kong nob rot or not …………….. so another Villain becomes a Hero/World Icon – how much more sick can society get ? We are no longer children mesmerised by the rich and famous and glib of mouth, placing our Heroes on pedestals, only to have them turn into villains and shatter our dreams – no .. we are now at an age where we watch villains all around us become heroes, national, international and otherwise….
    Soooooooooooooo Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ? Pathetic in the extreme !

    Where did the black dudes learn to do this anyway …… only from watching the white dudes in action for the past 50 odd years….. Oh heaven, probably gonna get lambasted for that last remark !
    Well in for a penny, in for a pound – America was/is as involved as Britain in the destruction of Africa and the lives of their citizens – the one does not pass wind without the other asking if there is need of toilet tissue and air freshener……
    whether you deny or acknowledge this makes not one iotas bit of difference ….. … so suck it up dudes and try honesty laced with a little truth and reality from time to time …. JFK was but the spark that lit the fuse ……

    Would it make the slightest bit of difference if I were to say that I am an American and a Proud one at that, currently living in South Africa and I agree with davidac and spook completely? NO I DIDN’T THINK SO – so I’ll say it anyway……………………
    America is in the shite and taking the rest of the world to hell in a hand basket with her, if she doesn’t clean up her act …. and it’s gonna take more than a black dude at the helm, for that to happen !!

    Long Live America and her amazing, wonderful, generous, and stylish people ….

  8. spookmoor says:

    It sure made us all stand still hambalapaside? Thank you for your visit and comment.

  9. I know exactly where I standing when I heard the news. Standing in the living room of my neighbors in Mt Pleasant.

  10. Michelle Ferreira says:

    Thank you for the technical introduction davidac. Can we perhaps validate substantively, without question whatsoever, what involvement America had in the selling out of the, then Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)…it cannot be evidenced as they had far larger issues at stake. *This article is penned with reference specifically to Rhodesia* If you’ve been in America or are there, They are in fact substance orientated with a culture others envy. That they’re stylish adds to their character as a nation. Rather than criticise this, do something solution-driven in your own area / land. Respect is lost since sexual diseases et al are included in an article in JFK’s 50th annual recognition and his tribute. So what re: Munroe and other ladies?… All other men would never have affairs… including Bill Clinton of course… never! All of us Rhodesians have moved on with life, taking the values of our home land with us and made a life ~ it wasn’t easier for one than another… I was grateful for another land of safety and a better life! Countless Rhodies had to get over it and quit staying in the past, remember the good and continue it. This article does zero for any individual from Africa who’s taken that step and for those who do not know better, reinstates massive doubts, and perhaps that’s why one look is taken and few comments are noted, much less the articles read. We’re tired of the “blues” of this and that one… But for some it seems impossible to move on. I happen to know the author too well, and consider him a friend… but friend needs to move on with us too! What’s happened has taken place, and years ago. The eternal bitterness of hitting at America is not only largely unfounded, Never mind hitting below the belt at JFK on dustbin issues!
    Why? Our sons, friends, et al, have never been better since introduced to America? Why? Because I have audited there many times as part of a highly specialised team…I do not term this auditing as being a bean counter (no offence)… but as an ISO-I.R.C.A. auditor. The remaining Globe can learn from the Americans. They honour and respect ~ those who’ve fought for them with the intensity that few other nations do! Indeed, John F Kennedy deserved his recognition as charismatic yet brilliant. What poor taste is again vetted against America by one of a few!
    Ps: Spook ~ how is it that this doesn’t link to FB / TL?

    • spookmoor says:

      I mentioned that J.F.K. had next to nothing to do with Rhodesia him being assassinated in 1963 before our troubles began. If you care to check your facts you will find that Henry Kissinger played a large part in selling out Rhodesia. Isn’t he American and wasn’t he Secretary of State at the time? Of course sexual diseases do not happen either, perish the thought? As to why this doesn’t link to FB I thought it did, although what that has to do with J.F.K. is beyond me? Thank you for your input.

  11. sue says:

    I thought it best not to comment on your last paragraph and the latest incumbent President …. as tempting as it may be …. I do believe, as you so succinctly said, the people have been well and truly outwitted and out manipulated by a very clever people endowed with more patience than is normal …….
    Suffice to say that i just see a parallel/mirror image on this side of Africa in the form of South African President Jacob Zuma…..and Bless his little heart, our own well known and dearly loved President Robert Mugabe….

    When the time comes, and surely it will, I do have to wonder how these two sterling, upright citizens of our societies are going to be deified, by the brain dead morons of this world – God help us – I truly hope every satellite breakdowns down producing world blackout of news for at least a month after the fact (except if the news be justice related, of course), for truly I don’t know if I could be held responsible for my actions toward the first fawning idiot that made the very bad decision to do so in my presence (fawn that is)….

    Maybe I could plead temporary insanity … or something …… Or being the eternal optimist, we can always hope for an outcome that would bring great celebration…. – could do with a three day mine munt binge * grin …………*sigh .. hope springs eternal !!! 😉

  12. davidac@tampabay.rr.com says:

    Well, I have read this article and the responses and have to say, from where, I stand, Spook has got it partly right. There are two elements missing. The first is that the American people are way more fascinated with style rather than substance and the second point is that the communists recognized back in the 1940’s or 50’s that they could overcome this giant supporting freedom by using that very freedom against them. So they slowly infiltrated the universities and colleges and then the schools and began to win the minds of the American youth. World geography and history was mostly eradicated. The truth was manipulated to illustrate and support the ideals they wanted youth to espouse. Then the media became involved. America today has no independent media. Almost every outlet is a propaganda outlet, mostly for the leftists. The education process has been so dumbed down that many graduates have little clue about anything other than how to manipulate the system to their own advantage. Although the Constitution stipulates otherwise, we have now developed a caste of Pigs (Animal Farm) who enjoy privileges far beyond what the common man or woman can even hope to have. Elections are a farce and we have documented incidents of individuals voting multiple times but because they voted for the “right” party, no action is taken.

    Spook quoted “For these truths hold good for everything there is, and not for some special genus apart from another, And all men use them for they are true of being qua being. For a principle which everyone must have who understands anything that is.” This is true. So Michelle, with all due respect, you make statements in condemnation of Spooks argument but bring little substance to back your points.

    In this regard, since the 1970”s no major power really has had any interest in Africa. The only caveat is that no-one wanted to see the Cape Sea route fall into communist hands. Mandela has passed and it is now a race between China, North Korea and Russia to achieve that coveted prize. My perception is that North Korea want to most as it changes their position in the world.

    I do not claim to be right; I only think that what I have postulated is worthy of consideration.

  13. sue says:

    Very Interesting article Spook and such a clear insight into JFK’s presidency and his influence in Africa (which is well documented) – you’ve obviously taken the time to research the facts, which i, and everyone who partakes of your ramblings greatly appreciates – you are known for your integrity, which is more than many can say. Cleverly written and very thought provoking on so many levels…..
    ” It is what it is “JFK was what he was … BUT he had charisma and the media machine loved him – so he got away with murder – literally …. and people to this day willfully choose to ignore the facts as they are recorded …. I’m not saying the man was all bad, I’m sure he did a lot of good for the American economy …..one way or the other … However the truth is the truth, whether people like it or not ….to pretend otherwise would be the height of hypocrisy!
    This blog and the theme threading through it bring to mind a similar deification of late President Mandela taking place at this point in time – here, once again was an extremely clever man with charisma and charm and the media loved him (dare I say, tongue in cheek naturally, the way things are done in Africa, they were probably very well paid to love him), and he worked the media to his full benefit – Again, like JFK, he did a lot of good, I am sure, though personally I am not sure exactly what, but that’s just me – and I have nothing against the man that I do not normally hold against run of the mill nice guys, liars, thieves, murders etc., It is what it is after all and nothing we do can change it – I just wish people would take the time to avail themselves of the facts, rather than be swept along by this media machine, rabidly frothing at the mouth in its efforts to deify a man who was very much less than perfect ….
    I’m astounded at the number of sycophants which have suddenly appeared out of the woodwork? Is this unusual, I guess not, perhaps its all in the interest of self preservation…..* Shrug, who actually knows? I just find the fawning and obsequiousness of the minority groups a trifle nauseating right now, but I guess it may well all be in the interest of self preservation, because i cannot believe that a nation has suddenly become brain dead overnight. The same out pouring and deification took place at JFK death ……
    Personally I think folk who try and defend, or refuse to acknowledge the facts surrounding people, who so obviously led very chequered lives/careers, are incredibly myopic and border on the crassly stupid (oops is that a little harsh – should i have said intellectually challenged?) Too late, my delete button doesn’t work.
    I think that is one of the reasons why i hate funerals (though there are a few exceptions where true love and grief is felt) and listening to the claptrap that is normally spewed at such occasions…. I declined the opportunity to attend my own precious Grandmothers funeral, because I new I’d be asked to say something at her interment, and I knew that I could not get up and just tell just one side of the story – a hypocrite and liar i am not – the truth would out – and although she was an amazing woman, there was another side that few knew of or saw, or if they did, they dared not voice…
    There is no bitterness or ill feeling – “it is what it is”, I will not compromise the truth and I think those that do, sell a little of their souls to the devil, every time they do. Either way, I do not dislike/hate Mandela or JFK ( it would a gross waste of precious time and energy) and just because criticism is leveled at them, or opinion is voiced or facts are quoted, this by no means constitutes a personal attack on anyone. But I do think, the intelligent among us already know and appreciate this FACT!
    In closing I want to say that I completely agree with your sentiments “Freedom is just another WORD for nothing left to lose ! Here’s to Freedom *salute* !! Peace and Blessings 🙂

  14. spookmoor says:

    What bitterness, what bias?

  15. Michelle Ferreira says:

    My last word on this are mails of support for facing the bitterness and bias in this article. Spook. Thanks and go well and safe!
    Ps: I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend…your right to say it. And no further.

  16. spookmoor says:

    For these truths hold good for everything there is, and not for some special genus apart from another, And all men use them for they are true of being qua being. For a principle which everyone must have who understands anything that is. Is not a hypothesis. Evidently then, such a principle is the most certain of all. Which principle this is, let us proceed to say, it is. That the same attribute, cannot at the same time, belong and not belong to the same subject in the same respect. (Aristotle).

  17. Michelle Ferreira says:

    As the writer you ought to have the facts right… sorry Spook, with all respect, I’m busy with other things now, I did at least read it and thank you.

  18. spookmoor says:

    Truth, what is truth? I did say check your facts, well check them, and then get back to me, and I’m not blaming anybody.

  19. Michelle Ferreira says:

    Spook, what a bitter article ~ and unfortunately lacking in much truth. What a disappointment! Look at the Mother of your own land, irrespective of which Irish Island you live on. What is it that’s eating at you so bitterly that you need to expose diseases and rubbish that had nothing to do with our land? The last place JFK had in mind in his short reign was Africa. Get your act together and look at the Brits who dragged both communists and, at the last moment, anybody who who would hang on their arm to back them. Spook, get up! get up! GET UP!! This obsessive focus on the past and blaming certainly can’t do you any good. I will stand up for Americans due to the truth based on historical evidence and the bias of this article. At that time America were attempting to avoid one of the worst confrontations with the Russians, thus your use of the word, “Capitol” and implications of the opposite.

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  21. Sarah says:

    Interesting! You have done lots of research obviously. Thanks for the read.

  22. Interesting insight into JFK ‘s presidency and his influence in Africa. Cleverly written.

  23. Adopt A Hive says:

    Nice easy reading young Spook

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