The Internet and trying to understand it?

Trying to understand growing a small business on the internet and my problems associated with this so far, so where am I going on the Internet? Seems like a never ending saga.

A small business?


Affiliate marketing?

Chinese Garden,Sydney,Australia.

Now I have been at this going on four years now so need to express my opinions on this. Being a former large scale commercial farmer and now having come upon hard times mainly due to incompetent politicians I was kicked off my farm and had to start a new life in a new country beginning from scratch all over again at the ripe old age of 45.

Well here I am at 57 years of age down and out more or less and there are no jobs and even if they were, nobody is going to employ me. That may sound harsh, but, those are the facts whether you like them or not.

Now when I was 18 years old something happened which left me profoundly deaf. I’ve been over that many times before so will not bore you again. Except to say that even as long ago as that, I knew. The only way to ever succeed was to be your own man. Simple and very hard to do actually. So having lost my work a couple of years ago I thought let’s try the Internet and being my own man again?

I began by joining certain sites and writing short stories all the while trying to sell pertinent items on what I wrote about. As far as I am aware this is known as Affiliate marketing.

Now here is a very quick example. I have been told that one must use photos that are pertinent to what one is writing about. Right? So these photos are nonsensical.Wrong? I’m an ex-farmer and budding affiliate.


Shop till you drop.


By and large women are the shoppers?

Chinese garden,Sydney,Australia.

Now every one with the slightest bit of common sense knows that women are the big shoppers, are they not? They love this and of course are spending every bodies money but their own. That’s reserved for when times are tight and they feel like divorcing their husband. Until then shop till you drop and spend ‘hubbies’ hard earned money. Mean old skinflint. Now it is my understanding of women that they like to feel things, or in other words, when they go shopping, they like to feel, and they like to put on. Be it a dress, a cardigan or a pair of longs. How on earth are they going to do this on the Internet? An impersonal genre like a TV where they cannot feel or touch. Which brings us back to men. What do they want to shop for? Very different things I am almost certain. OK let’s take a golf driver for example, in many ways they are the same as women. They want to go to the golf shop, get a feel of the driver, club, whatever and bang some balls for the feel of it?

So what exactly are you trying to sell them on the Internet where they cannot do any of this? Take a man, what is he looking for by and large? Football, rugby, cricket or airline tickets. Far as I can tell that market is wrapped up and there are not affiliate avenues, far as my limited knowledge tells me. So what it boils down to is, then one must sell impersonal objects where there is no need for touch and feel which lowers the scope somewhat? For a moment I forgot games, what man doesn’t like playing a game? Then again why use an affiliate when you can just use or have your own account or website? That’s the $64000 question there?

Buddhist’s temple,Bangkok,Thailand.

Now the thing to remember is that to make any form of a living from this one has to make an astonishing amount of sales. By and large one is making such a small percentage from any sale which leaves two options, one, keep on trying, or two, sell something which pays a much larger commission? Far as I am aware the second option is not allowed. The company involved wants these sales all to themselves which narrows down the field somewhat doesn’t it?

The other thing to remember is, that in the uncertain times we live in every Tom, Dick and Harry is going to try his luck at this. The other thing to remember is, none of these people are going to buy anything from you for the simple reason that they cannot afford it. So who are going to be your buyers? As always people who have got the money.

It stands to my form of reasoning then that these people are not going to be buying your average ware that you are trying to sell. Therefore one has to catch the discerning buyer, someone who in fact does have a bit of money to spend. I call this a touch of class and this is what this site although still in Alpha stage is trying to achieve, a touch of class. Therefore concerned interests might try and back it? Then we can start really showing a touch of class, instead of looking for cheap sales where one needs an astonishing amount of sales (50000 or more monthly) to make a bare living.

Think about it?

Now I love trees and it is actually quite easy to find something new and novel to spruce up your garden this summer? Try something new.

Delightful Japanese maples.


About spookmoor

I'm a 61 year old happily married man with three grown up children. I lost all my hearing as an eighteen year old whilst doing National Service and then had a Cochlear Ear Implant twenty years later. I love trying to explain these things to people and bits about my life. I never thought so at the time, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Thus one gets Random ramblings from a man who has seen a lot with a touch of humour underlying all.
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9 Responses to The Internet and trying to understand it?

  1. spookmoor says:

    No, it was on WordPress but is water under the bridge now although I am still annoyed by all this.

  2. bulldog says:

    It is a tough world out there Spook … which I don’t need to tell you… struggling along myself with the software, trying to get someone to spend money to save money is not easy… but when you’re ready let me know, maybe you can be an agent for us on the British isles… knowing golf and all ..

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