Chapman Golf Range.

Chapman golf range is a splendid little gem to hone up your golf game and while away some hours in the sunshine and wonderful atmosphere provided here. I can of course speak with some authority having just been there myself. The last time I had hit a golf ball was fourteen long years ago. However the lovely owner and golf coach believe it or not was an old friend of mine. She wanted me to come visit it and see for myself. Then she actually talked me into trying to whack a few balls. By gum, I was a shower and an absolute embarrassment but patience is a virtue, and my friend watched for awhile with no judgement, but giving me a tip once in a while. I ended up having a couple of good shots, believe it or not so she went and got me another bin of golf balls and wandered off to watch somebody else. Flushed with pride and raring to go I carried on whacking. But oh SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAalas, without my friends calming influence I was hacking big time. Having a look at the picture I’m suitably impressed with my stance, albeit the old round shoulders could do with a bit of straightening? The other thing is I’m a left handed cricket bat (very beautiful to watch) not my own words but tend to agree. However when I first started playing golf there were no left handed golf clubs for sale in our country, so I taught myself to play right handed. Ye Gods it was a hard whack and all. Then many years later I lived in South Africa where one could get left handed clubs so decided to change my style. I was always much more comfortable this way. The problem arose with my long game playing a cover drive off the tee, but my short game because I was comfortable was good. So some smart thinking was needed, being, right handed I was good off the tee but my short game was terrible being uncomfortable. You’ve got to box very clever like, so why not have my golf clubs half right handed (long game), and half left handed (short game), which is what I ended up doing. I was however unprepared for all the other club members saying, ” Moor, you are an absolute fruitcake.” Tsuh, so replied something along the lines of, “left or right they’re both alike and if you are calling I’ll have a pint.” Sustained laughter and a repeat of what they had already said.



Oh dear, I see it says Chapman Practise Range and here I was thinking it said golf range. No worries they are actually one and the same thing. I’m always surprised by the incredible people of Zimbabwe, it doesn’t seem to matter what befalls them. Somehow they keep on bouncing back and making a plan. Now this golf range had fallen on bad times when the current incumbents took it over. So have a closer look at the photo here, the lovely lawn, the beautiful flowers, the welcome, and the spotlight which lights it up at night. Beyond that the lovely palms and a glimpse of part of the range. A few steps left of this is the shop and then the practise range.


You can see them all hitting golf balls and honing their skills in the distant. This was on a Sunday and lots of kids there which is always a good sign for me. Keep your kids out of trouble by installing in them the love of sport at an early age. Golf is the epitome of this. Good walk, strict discipline, and fairness. Plus the added joy of being out in the open air and enjoying oneself. Well I’ve finished knocking some balls and the coach is champing at the bit to get home and begin cooking the lunch which I have been invited to plus a few friends.



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Now golf in the end is an amazing game, not just playing the game, but the items which have built up around it. Golf shoes, hats, gloves, shirts, shorts, longs, an almost endless list. Then of course all the courses, the professionals, the coaches, need I go on? The substance of which is that once again this is a personal story. All those wonderful people I have met throughout my life, including this little, old, coach. We actually go back a long, long, time, and throughout all this time she has never lost her wonderful sense of humour, and nor have the people in general. Now when her youngest son was just a wee nipper he was infatuated with my youngest daughter. Love starts young even among kids. So somewhere along the line they went on a kids camp. Cath golf coach was telling me at the time when he came back he had lost interest in my daughter. So she asked him, “why?” To which he replied, “because she snores.” We both laughed long and hard about this. So as she is busy driving me back to her house for lunch the old humour is at work again and so are the reminisces. We get there and it is a lovely set up in thatch theme with swimming pool, outdoor pub and tennis court. So I compliment her and she says, “it’s not ours we are just renting from Rich Cox and he gives us a good deal.” So I say, ” Rich Cox the old tobacco buyer?” So she says, “ja Fonz” and I burst out laughing as have forgotten that was his nickname, and never, but never, has a nickname been so appropriate and fitting. I laugh solidly for about five minutes. Then I also remember I once stayed there and his wife and Sally-Anne Stewart had to pour me into bed. Ah memories hey. Then I get browned off which is typical of me and start ranting, ” I’ve always said how come people who produce earn nothing, but people who don’t produce are rolling in the money?” Cath silently leaves me and goes into the kitchen to cook. The guests are most of the Riley clan, plus dear old Mike Henderson, his daughter Bryony and her current beau. Talk and laughs flow like water and it is so wonderful to be with people I can follow and THINK like I do. I draw a laugh when I say “Pops Dobson and I once worked out that when we were growing up in Norton there were 198 kids in the area of which 196 were Riley’s and the other two were Skea’s.” Both Catholic families and I’m with Riley’s here. Roast beef and trimmings are served lashed down with a wide array of beverages. Eventually Stevo and Lynnette give me a lift and I pour myself into bed. Thanks for everything people I had an absolute ball. It is early evening when I suddenly remember I have taken no photos and begin snapping away, but many of the guests have already gone home.



About spookmoor

I'm a 61 year old happily married man with three grown up children. I lost all my hearing as an eighteen year old whilst doing National Service and then had a Cochlear Ear Implant twenty years later. I love trying to explain these things to people and bits about my life. I never thought so at the time, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Thus one gets Random ramblings from a man who has seen a lot with a touch of humour underlying all.
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21 Responses to Chapman Golf Range.

  1. Gary Hunt says:

    Spook my old man had a regular tee off time (07:15) every Saturday there for donkeys years until his sad passing in 2000.

  2. Tess Bold says:

    What lovely memories you have accumulated, over your life time, with such wonderful friends. Always thankful that you share them with me, through your short stories…

  3. Great memories and wonderful friend Spook .. thanks, as always, for sharing mate. Having “met” you has certainly given me a little more to be thankful for in life.

  4. Spook Moor says:

    Couldn't agree with you more Michaela, and thanks for the visit.

  5. Thinking of some ideas here… forward planning et al… will get back to you Doc…

  6. Spook Moor says:

    Now if only people would visit, leave a comment or buy?

  7. Spook Moor – what a brilliant ending – GREAT Piece, Doc…

  8. Spook Moor says:

    Michelle Ferreira , done and hope you laugh.

  9. I reckon you should Spooklet – it would cap your humour brilliantly… and you say the next Piece will be ready tomorrow?

  10. Spook Moor says:

    That's a lovely thing to say and thank you once again. I'm wondering if I should add a 'Fonz' video after the fact?

  11. Following your golfing, comments & thoughts conjured up animated images – ones where again your humour pivots the essence of great fun, gorgeous people and great memories for you and them! Referencing the ability to bounce back shows in the lovely photos and it's been another great read ~ don't stop, Spook as we look forward to more!

  12. Spook Moor says:

    Tough? The onliest way they could win was by pressing again on the last hole and hoping I would succumb to the pressure which invariably I did having lost it (temper) and thanks for the grrrrrrrrrrrr speak.

  13. John Sitton says:

    Outstanding that you had the chance to hit some golf balls… and better yet to hook up with old friends at Chapman's Range. By George you look the part of a golfer too Spook… and ambidextrous to boot! I'm sure you were a tough draw back when you played regularly. Since the British Open starts tomorrow, the timing couldn't be better and kudos for another great moving piece. Lyk soos 'n goeie tyd gehad het by al! 🙂

  14. Spook Moor says:

    That's a lovely thing to say Margaret, you sure have a way with words.

  15. Spook Moor says:

    John Sitton hokay and watch for them rattlers lad.

  16. Spook Moor says:

    No share button here on FB so wondering how to get this to you John Sitton?

  17. Rob Ainslie says:

    Such a great article Spook Moor… you're a genius…

  18. Spook Moor says:

    Well I tried something for you Cath Riley, hope you are not annoyed? Loved my time there with you and ALL friends welcome to comment, tsuh.

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