Google it and dreams come true.

The lost art of conversation.

In a mood, not quite sure what to do or where to go, no worries, just Google it? I’m mentioning this, because it goes a lot deeper than any one can even begin to imagine, and I’m getting heartily sick and tired of it. Sick and tired of what? You pulling my leg?

Google European Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

Not at all, just Google it? Google what? Anything, a brave new world awaits us all? Are you feeling tired, run down, listless? Google it. Whether of course the answer is there or not is quite beside the point? You might get a Doctor, some Guru, who can answer your question (depending on the keyword of course), tee hee, but rest assured even if you get my cupcakes remedy you’re almost home and dry? Just Google it? And if that doesn’t work, check your keyword, and more importantly keep on trying. In reality what I am trying to say, is. Whatever happened to conversation? So, “what time is today’s game?” Google it. ” What precisely is a tumour?” Google it. You are all actually missing the point? Do you for one moment believe I am actually that stupid? Meaning of course that I have no idea how to Google anything? You might have a point? However, the point you are all missing is, I do not want to Google it, but, I do want your opinion on whatever question I have posed for you. Is that such a heinous crime? Whatever happened to the good old ability of being able to talk no matter how mundane? Does any one even have the remotest idea of what I am trying to say yet?

The reason I mention this of course is that I’m deaf even though I have a Cochlear ear Implant. So in essence I like to talk or at least try and converse a little bit. Yet it appears that I am the odd man out?

So, back to square one. I don’t want to talk to you unless you know what you are talking about and if you don’t then why not Google it to find out more and then begin the conversation? Does this then mean you will talk to me? I highly doubt it, may be something else to watch on the TV? Also, always providing that ‘you’, know what you are talking about in the first place also? Now that alone is enough to give the originator the wonderful excuse to either walk out or not begin to talk either? You have hurt their precious feelings. Well what about mine, don’t I have feelings either?

So, let us just take Facebook as an example for the time being. I love it there, especially finding so many of my long lost friends there. Believe it or not our country has had a checkered history and we are all over the World now. Would you know that I also have a lot of experience there and other places? Essentially then, you as my friend post something, 10 people like it but not one of them can be bothered to leave a comment, so why did you like it? This is about the time I come in. Provided of course I like it? Let’s assume I do, therefore I leave a comment. The dialogue has commenced and hopefully someone else may follow suite? It often does once the ice has been broken. The $64000 question is of course, which would you prefer another like or the commencement of a dialogue? Did I mention being heartily sick and tired? Which brings us back to square one and the original premise of this piece. Let’s just begin again.

A friend (long lost), posts about the cricket test between SA and Australia, saying he thinks it’s in the bag. Has 20 likes and nothing else. I then comment, “what’s the score?” I have just committed a heinous crime, and no one but no one can tell me the score. After all why don’t I know this? I have a TV (provided some soap is not on of course), I have a PC. Therefore why can I not find out for myself, Google it? Actually I can, however, I asked you for the score, nobody else just you, because I would actually like to talk to you. But they can’t tell you this, no Sir, noSireeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Is it any wonder then that wherever you go today all you ever see in a room full of people, all texting on their phones or busy watching the TV, but nobody but nobody can open their mouth to speak? Perchance they have forgotten how?

I silly you not.


You silly me now.



About spookmoor

I'm a 61 year old happily married man with three grown up children. I lost all my hearing as an eighteen year old whilst doing National Service and then had a Cochlear Ear Implant twenty years later. I love trying to explain these things to people and bits about my life. I never thought so at the time, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Thus one gets Random ramblings from a man who has seen a lot with a touch of humour underlying all.
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32 Responses to Google it and dreams come true.

  1. I would like to say that I disagree with your comment about “lost art of conversation” . In this shrinking world of ours and advances in technology .. our conversations are evolving into a new art form. The fact that we are the generation on the cusp of many advancements and are used to more traditional forms of interpersonal interactions, means that we long for that with which we are familiar. I do agree that traditional human contact is becoming less and less physical and until we lose the need for that, we will continue to dislike this technological link between us. But does that make our conversations any less real or meaningful? I believe that through this blog of yours Kevin, you have generated many conversations and new relationships with many people. Opened up dialog with people that would otherwise never have met. Now that is conversation at a whole new level. Now if the debate was … are those conversations honest and open … or .. is that dialog really valuable and wanted … those are very different topics for discussion. Being house bound for nearly two years now, for reasons irrelevant to this conversation, these chats are the closest form to human interaction that I have and I find them stimulating and valuable, but then again .. they are not for everyone.

  2. frankiekay says:

    I prefer to have an internet conversation rather than a real one cos in real life I’m not a good conversationalist – I say the wrong things and then have to come back afterwards and apologise. (Which isn’t nice) If I’m interested in something then I dominate the conversation and if someone is slow and ponderous, (or worse, wrong!) I can’t hide that I’m impatient and wish they would just shut up…
    I like to talk to kids (I’m on their wavelength…and they are not very judgmental)
    I like text talk, cos is asynchronous…I can answer when I’m ready. (makes me more reasonable and considered)
    So in the main, No, Spook, I’m sorry I can’t agree with you. Our children are living in a different world to us and they have different ways to deal with it. I won’t criticise them.
    Communication does not have to be verbal…I know cos I deal with Aspergers people and they don’t talk well, nor do they look at you – but get some of them on a keyboard and you won’t believe they are the same kid….still communication….
    So yes, now you are saying, but hey – I started off my post talking about adding comments rather than *likes* – OK, but to comment on your post, you will end up with all those people, heads bent over their little black devices…cant have it both ways…

    Oh PS – I never, ever say “Google it” I say, “Look it up on the internet!!!” I won’t do free advertising for them!

    • spookmoor says:

      Offhand I would have to say I’m the complete opposite to you but you make some telling points. The comments is a sore point with me because personally I believe that the more people who comment the more the search engine bots notice and subsequently start promoting your blog so it gets noticed instead of sitting there in obscurity? Everyone tells me I’m wrong about this but I’m stubborn about some things. Also remember that for most of my life I have lived in a silent world.

      • frankiekay says:

        Oh, make no mistake, Spook – I talk and talk. Who says I communicate? I rate my best communication with animals and small children and of course, the Aspies…there its often non verbal. So obviously, I ask myself why do I talk? When most people just roll their eyes and ask “Why doesn’t she just shut up”
        About the comments – to be very honest with you, I always cringe a little when I see that little star appear up at the top of my blog…the (female, perhaps) concern that its someone to say they don’t like what I have to say…cos we are putting ourselves out here…giving something of ourselves and I am fairly wary of doing that – its new for me.
        Your comment about a silent world is not relevant, because its communication you mention in your post – You DID communicate all those years, just not like everyone else. Perhaps it’s the idea that all those people are sitting there at their black devices that upsets you…not hearing the voices that you know can be so sweet?

  3. says:

    If a tree falls in the forest and makes a sound, does anybody care?

  4. spookmoor says:

    Thank you Sue but first I have to try and get my old stuff up again.

  5. sue stolk says:

    Decided to leave my other comment here as well …. seeing as how number count…if that’s ok with you …if not then just remove it (will not be offended..promise *grin)
    I love the to and fro of conversation, and the joviality of it all (most of the time) , conversation is how we get to know each other, not long and involved so called intellectual discussions (although these have their place and can also be useful), but usually they are not conducive to “getting to know” each other… I love to meet and have coffee, catch up, get to know etc because i love people, generally they fascinate me and those that gross me out just get booted into touch… may there always be someone out there that will answer my questions, no matter how mundane… cause quite frankly Google just doesn’t have the right human touch for me !!
    Be Blessed !

    • spookmoor says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more Sue but, in today’s world especially if trying to get a blog going then Google are paramount for this. Getting their bots to notice you is of course the difficult, almost impossible thing to do.

      • sue stolk says:

        Take courage and be encouraged younger man … keep positive and go with the flow…Rome wasn’t built in a day and you gotta be careful not to lose your natural joy of writing because there are challenges…… many will still eat their own tongues… you just keep on keeping on 🙂
        Be Blessed

  6. sue stolk says:

    Agree wholeheartedly with Richard (wonder if you have a sister a good hockey player – name escapes me right now-went to Northlea).. …You have hit the nail on the head – i hate it when you trying to initiate a conversation and are made to feel that you are bothering or taking up valuable time … so very rude. and i do think that as a people we should slow down and take a little time to become human again and actually show this humanity by exercising our mouths (ability to speak/make conversation) and good manners…..I sometimes wonder how good technology has really been for us and whether we are able to measure the actual damage to society in real terms….. I am personally going to try harder ! and tough on those who could not be bothered…
    Be blessed !

  7. spookmoor says:

    Thank you Richard and it is so nice to find someone who agrees.

  8. Nail on head Spook, we’re breading a dumb world out there, not necessarily stupid, but dumb as in no speak.

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