Three old forgotten Faction Authors.

Classic faction authors sadly missed.

Three old forgotten Authors, classic faction authors who are so sadly missed.I’m an avid reader or used to be. It’s just that being profoundly deafened at the age of eighteen, this was the only way I could improve my vocabulary. Put simply, when one is not hearing the spoken word, then the only way to be aware of new words is to find them in the written word. Especially good books. I read so many but always liked faction best.This was the genre I enjoyed best. Why? I always loved history but found reading historical novels boring, since I was no longer studying. However to set a novel with accurate historical facts and then to have fictional characters playing leading roles in this type of background. Why I just loved it. Suddenly, I was no longer bored, but, at the same time, loving the history. Master authors of this genre also provide authentic characters and leaders of the time within the novel.I also have a tendency to read the same old books over and over again. By and large new authors generally do not appeal to me although many do. How ironic?Here then are three old, forgotten authors so sadly missed.

Winston Graham.

Masterful faction author.

I guess one has to just go back in time. Pertinent to what I said in the introduction. Here one is after a major mishap in ones life

Winston Graham faction author.

and as already mentioned I needed to read and read plenty. So I joined the local library for a minimal expense. This was in a rural farming community back home in Zimbabwe and was only open once a week on a Friday, when people went to the village for their weekly shopping and maybe get a few books to read.It was manned or should I say womaned (little new Spook word there), by the local Women’s Institute branch? And a fine, old, bunch of loveable duckies they were too. Over a period of time (not that I never knew them beforehand), they get to know you and when you are stuck for choice of a book, just ask the experts? Slowly they wean you onto things you had no idea existed, God bless them.It was this way that I first came across Winston Graham, who writes so beautifully. The first book I ever read of his was: “The Walking Stick”. 

Gradually I read more and more of his works and became enchanted.

Leon Uris.

Remarkable faction author.

Now here is another remarkable faction author.Because I was living in a country which was going through remarkable political strife and also a terrorist war, I was inclined to read his books. Furthermore, my father was a veteran of the second World War,

Leon Uris faction author.

having served in the Royal Navy and I was intrigued by the stories he told.Part of war (the Rhodesian one), had to do with a disenfranchised black population resorting to arms guided by communist ideologies and armed by them. I never could, nor never have been able to understand this. You see, because I always knew that the majority of the people were dead set against this. I needed to read different aspects from different people and living in different times.

So it was that I came upon Leon Uris. I loved him from the first go, because, he set fictional characters against the background of Nazi Germany. More importantly, if there is any race which has suffered untold discrimination and persecution, it was the Jews. I tried to look at things, by how they were being treated and how we were treating our own people. The difference was unbelievable and it saddened me that all those great countries (the Allies), our parents fought for, were so busy selling us down the drain.

I digressed slightly, but, Leon Uris’s stories about the holocaust in the second World War need to be read again.

Lest we forget?

Second World War.

George MacDonald Fraser.

Quite simply, gifted.

Now here is an absolute master. There comes a time when I just get a bit tired of reading serious stuff. A bit of comic, light relief

George MacDonald Fraser gifted and humorous faction author.

is a more than welcome change. I can think of no greater master than George MacDonald Fraser, a raconteur of note.Despite this ability to make one laugh his novels are also meticulously researched and he covers a vast panorama of the world. Normally containing a few dodgy characters. The use of English remains however, superb.An example being, he took a very minor character from Tom Brown’s school days, a bully and turned this into his greatest factional masterpiece. That of Harry Flashman, great looking, a soldier of fortune, coward and cad. The story of the beginning of his career until a fully fledged General, holder of the Victoria Cross and into his dotage. Embracing most of Europe’s history of the time, the America’s, Africa, one adventure after the other, including meeting, amongst others, Bismarck, Abraham Lincoln and many Kings and Queens.Kindly note, although meticulously researched and disarmingly funny, Ladies will not be keen on these novels, but , Gentlemen will love them.

After all, does a Gentleman got to stay in a hotel? Widgets



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I'm a 61 year old happily married man with three grown up children. I lost all my hearing as an eighteen year old whilst doing National Service and then had a Cochlear Ear Implant twenty years later. I love trying to explain these things to people and bits about my life. I never thought so at the time, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Thus one gets Random ramblings from a man who has seen a lot with a touch of humour underlying all.
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6 Responses to Three old forgotten Faction Authors.

  1. msasa13 says:

    The more I dig, the more of your blogs I find. More bedtime reading.
    Have read and loved many of Leon Uris’ books. Have you read any of his Irish works? Also Winston Graham, mainly Poldark. Books say so much more than a TV series ever can!
    Not read any of George McDonald Fraser, but as you so rightly say Flashman is not really appealing to female readers.
    I loved Neville Shute’s books as a teenager, and AJ Cronin and Steinbeck. So many others. I’m more into biography now, nineteenth and twentieth century, but will take a look at some of G M Fraser’s other work.
    Thanks for reminding me of some good old friends!

    • spookmoor says:

      Delighted with this comment msasa and yes, loved the Poldark series and read all of them. Also Steinbeck but am not familiar with Cronin, and personally am not into biographies. Having you mention all these great authors perchance you realise why I cannot write a book although I do think I have one here on the blog? If only could get someone to put it into a series of short stories?

      • msasa13 says:

        Jeffery Archer’s wife wrote chemistry books on the principal of a novel. Construct the skeleton, so you have an idea of where you’re going, then start fleshing it out and adjust as necessary. You might wind up with something you never envisaged. My husband started a novel, delved a bit into history, and got sucked into writing a thoroughly researched book on the search for Monomotapa’ gold. Then learned about book construction and binding, printed and bound (hard cover) about twenty. You never know where you’re going until you get there. Why not give it a go?

      • spookmoor says:

        I keep on blowing hot and cold, and guess at heart am a perfectionist and too lazy.

  2. spookmoor says:

    Well this information was imparted to Flashman by old Avitabale and Flashman ended up living with a Madame and getting free board and lodging into the bargain as well. Hence, ‘does a Gentleman got to stay in a Hotel’?

  3. sue stolk says:

    Have sadly never had the pleasure of reading any of these gentleman’s writings _ my education is sadly lacking i’m afraid, but now that our education (my appetite has been whetted, so to speak) has started we shall determinately find their works and remedy this lack in our form. Must add though that i do enjoy the genre!
    As to your final question, I can only say “not all that stay in hotels are Gentlemen and those who do not stay in hotels are usually not Gentlemen either!” Perhaps the problem lies in the definition of “Gentlemen” 🙂
    Thanks for a good read .. Be Blessed

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